Video Tutorial: How to Make Round Robin Samples That Don’t Suck (using Native Instruments’ Kontakt)

Fellow composers! I’ve made a new tutorial video: How to Make Round Robin Samples That Don’t Suck (using NI Kontakt)

In this video, I explore some dos and don’ts of round-robin sampling. First, I show how to create the most basic violin patch imaginable with just one sample, then we convert it to a round-robin patch with 4 samples. After seeing why traditional round robins suck, we use a custom script to create a version that randomizes samples without ever repeating them.

You can find that super useful “random no-repeat” Kontakt script here:

IMPORTANT INFO MISSING FROM VIDEO: At the top of the script, there is an array variable declaration that looks like this:

declare %list[7]

You’ll need to change the number 7 to however many groups you have. So if you have four samples, it should like this:

declare %list[4]

Also: you’ll want to make sure you hit the “Apply” button after you make any changes to the script. This is very easy to forget.

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